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Welcome to our website

Welcome to the website National and International Transport and Care deceased, also abbreviated the NIVVO. We take care in Europe conditioned transport by road to and from the home country of the deceased. With years of experience we provide repatriations commissioned for various emergency centers, funeral directors, but also directly on behalf of individuals. Repatriation of deceased is a specialty. Specialized knowledge is essential to successful repatriation. This knowledge, we also have plenty at home. We also provide transport services and care deceased and other facility services to.


Preparing the Repatriation

Proper preparation of repatriation is a very important aspect. We will contact you immediately after the request of a repatriation by various agencies. Also, many documents need to be prepared before repatriation can take place.

Commencement of the Repatriation

The repatriation commences as soon as we received the bodies confirmed that the deceased may start to be transported. As a rule, this can be within 2 to 3 days after death. There are exceptions to this is not feasible. This mostly relates to how a person is deceased.